Linus Abrahamson

Bass player

Role: Bass player

Other bands: Andromeda, Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite - The Live Band, Fragile, Metal Station.

Other recording bands: Andromeda, Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite, Citadellion, The Codex, Fragile, Nocturnal Alliance, The Theander Expression, Vanya Merc, solo (pseudonym Mr. Gul).

Favourite bands: Frost*, Mats/Morgan Band, Freak Kitchen.

Equipment: Woodo B7 walnut 7-string bass, TC Electronic RH750 head, Marshall 2x15" cabinet, Line 6 Relay G30 wireless system, T-Rex ToneTrunk 42 pedal board, T-Rex The FuelTank Junior power supply, Boss TU-3 tuner pedal, Ibanez Tone-Lok series pedals: SB7 synthesizer bass, PD7 bass overdrive, TC7 tri-mode chorus, DE7 digital delay.

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